What is the print set-up?:
If your order contains printed parts (ie label, sleeve), then we have to make the necessary steps to make sure that the files that you send us are suitable for printing. This charge also contains the production of the metal plates that are used to do the actual printing of your artwork, and the pre-press preparation work required to arrange the artwork to be ready for print.

What is engraving?:
It is possible to have some text engraved onto the centre of the vinyl record (between the edge of the label and the final lead out grooves). You can have up to 60 characters (including spaces) engraved on the record, but please note that we only use numbers and CAPITAL letters.

What is an endless Groove?:
An endless groove is a never-ending loop that plays on and on without having to manually lift the needle up to stop the music. If you would like to include an endless groove on your record then we need to know the exact length of the loop that you want to produce (if possible please specify a certain word or tone which should be repeated). Endless grooves can be implemented at the end of the last track on each record side. We can also place endless grooves at the end of each track if required. Please note that this is a non-standard product that may produce a clicking noise at the point where the end of the loop meets the start of the loop. We cannot be held responsible for this effect, although we do all in our power to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

What are test-pressings?:
Test pressings are something that we recommend if you want to check the overall quality of the cut that we have made before we produce the whole amount. In general we send you 5 test pressings that you need to approve. Once these have been approved then we can continue with the rest of the production. If however you are not happy with the test pressings then we need to find out what is actually wrong with the test pressings. If the problems have been caused by problems at GZ Digital Media, then we will re-cut the test pressings using a new master (if required). If the fault is on the side of the customer (due to a badly prepared master source for example), then the customer will have to pay for new processing should they require new test pressings.

What are the types of vinyl?:
There are 3 types of vinyl available in the market. That is 7", 10", 12". Please note that the 7" standard can be made with a small or large hole in the centre (jukeboxes)

What are labels?:
Labels are the paper information circles that are physically bonded to the centre of each record. We produce labels on non-glossy 150g coated paper, but can also produce glossy labels which are also made from coated paper with a special transparent foil on top of the label itself. Glossy labels are slightly more expensive and their production adds one extra day to the standard turnaround times. Labels for 12" and 10" records are identical in size used for 10" records. The labels used for 7" are slightly smaller but can be also used for the production of 10" and 12" if required. It is not technically possible to use 12" or 10" labels on a 7" record production.

What is the quantity and production tolerance?:
The quantity is the number of records that you would like us to press. The minimum quantity of vinyl records that we will press is 250 units. Please be aware that there is a possible production tolerance, which is set up according to the following table (e.g. If you order 250 records with a production tolerance of 10%, then we charge you for 275 records. If we actually only press 250 then you will have credit for 25 records which can be either retained for your next order or returned).

What are the vinyl colours? :
If you want to go for coloured vinyl, you can choose from several different colours. We make coloured records from either transparent or solid colours

What are sleeves (covers)?:
You can get either plain white, plain black outer covers or printed outer covers - both can be done with 1 or 2 central holes or without. Standard outer covers are made of 280g cardboard which is white / grey, but you can also get it in white / white which is used especially for printing on the reverse side of the cardboard to get matt finish on the cover without even using matt lamination. If you require heavier cardboard for your outer covers, we can offer you 350g cardboard which comes in white / grey or white / brown version.

What is a spine?:
You can get covers with or without a spine - these are used for standard weight vinyl records. 3mm spine covers are used also for standard weight vinyl records if any text required to be printed on the spine or for heavy vinyl records and also for double albums ( can fit in 2 vinyl records of standard weight in plastic or paper inner bag ). 5mm spine covers are used for triple albums ( can fit in 3 vinyl records of standard weight ) or double albums of 2 heavy vinyl records.

What is the colour specification of the sleeves?:
The most common printing is done in CMYK ( cyan, magenta, yellow, black ), but we can offer also printing according to PMS = PANTONE scale - U - non-coated colours only!